At Green & Awake we can help you to take your business to another level by looking at your product or service from a different angle and linking it with the food design and branding.

We can help support your menu, give you insights into how to make it a conscious dining experience that your guests will never forget.

Designing for humans but also for the planet is at the core of our beliefs at Green & Awake. We are very much committed to designing climate-smart dishes and enhancing the sensory experience for unforgettable moments.

We can help you with:

  • Adding climate-smart raw dishes & making your menu more sustainable
  • Adding gluten-free whole food plant-based dishes
  • Adding oil-free delicious main options for a healtier menu
  • Consulting on zero-waste snacks and garnish elements
  • Getting an insight on alcohol-free healthy cocktails and drinks (no fermentation)
  • Enhancing your restaurant’s food experience with introducing new flavours, inviting atmosphere and decor ideas.
  • Teaching new ways to present the dishes in your existing menu
  • Helping you explore the sensory side of your space & business for a more memorable experience