Green & Awake concept was founded on the belief that a high-vibrational conscious dining experience should be accessible to all.

We are a plant food design studio crafting ethical food which meets special dietary requirements since 2016 with a casual fine-dining and sustainability focus, offering to elevate your next dining experience through our consulting services, tasting events, culinary courses, educational books and inspiring articles.

Our main vision is to deliver high-vibrational plant based food with memorable visual experience where we do not compromise on quality and taste. We also believe in the power of knowledge as well as the importance of practice, which is why a part of our work is dedicated to education.

Our concept is based health values and our food is made from scratch with carefully selected organic raw ingredients, seasonal, local and sustainable as much as possible, never deep fried, oil-free or less oil, allergy-friendly – free from gluten, yeast, dairy and refined sugar.

Sustainability is not easy, but trying to do our best and we truly believe that the saying that ‘we do not need a handful of people being sustainable perfectly, but millions of people doing it imperfectly.’

Over the years, Green & Awake’s primary purpose has been very clear: To develop high-vibrational conscious dining experiences that nourishes the body and soul, supports the right brain activation, keeps you in balance, makes you think about your choices, awakens all the senses – not just the taste but attention to detail in a humble way.

We prefer working with like-minded people and truly love development process that leads to innovation more than mass production as we have a strong vision to work on continuous innovations that are grounded in research and experiment. Today we offer tasting menus, climate-smart culinary courses and food design services for the food brands, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses and event organizers who know that there is more to an eating experience than what is on the plate so your customers get the best possible overall experience at all times.

You can choose from our sample menus as well as you can request a brand-new menu tailored to your specific needs.

After listening to your needs, we come together to provide consultancy and develop bespoke food solutions at all stages for the successful implementation of the menu.

Get in touch for the consultancy, culinary courses, menu and food design services.