Climate-Smart Culinary Courses

We offer food design and climate-smart culinary courses suitable for special diet types such as raw food, gluten-free vegan, nut-free and oil-free for corporates and small groups. (Everything we made is always 100% vegan)

Sustainable Culinary Courses


The planet is warming!
Deepen your knowledge, learn what to cook in a changing climate.
What to buy and cook, if you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of our nation, our world?
It’s a remarkable course that doesn’t provide clear-cut answers about whether you should eat fruits or nuts, grains or greens but so much as to suggest a few new ways of looking at and thinking about the food you buy, cook and eat.


Our choices we make in our kitchen profoundly affect our environment. Smart, practical, and delicious zero-waste strategies are simple enough to be implemented immediately in your kitchen. In this short course, you will learn thinking wisely while planning your meals and repurposing what you can. Including delicious snack recipes made of peelings, pulps, tops, trims, steams besides shopping, storage and preserving tips.

The course topics:

  • Insights on the vegetables from root to stem
  • Insights into global and local consumer behaviours
  • Supporting local farmers and food producers
  • Alternatives to tropical fruits and nuts
  • The importance of fair trade
  • Reuse of food packages
  • Less water tips
  • Tasting of zero waste snacks + recipe materials
  • Sharing is caring


We assume that one of your favorite meals is pasta and you are looking for the new healthy ways of eating pasta without guilt. You cut rice or corn out of your life. So what’s left? Learn from scratch the secrets of making the art of fresh pasta with wholesome ingredients and pair it with delicious climate-smart sauces.

The course including:

  • Making healthy gluten-free flour mixture
  • Deep diving into allergy-friendly binders and thickeners : flexibility and softness
  • Learning to make your multi-functional dough for pasta, lasagna, dumplings, tortillas and tacos.
  • Colouring your pasta dough with root vegetables, greens and fruit powders.
  • Design thinking process
  • Pairing your pasta with oil-free, climate-smart sauces.
  • Plating of your pasta


Plan out your menus and eat your leftovers in a creative way, and you’ll be doing your part for a healthy planet.

The course including a complete knowledge on:

  • Reinventing food waste ingredients such as peelings, trims, stems, tops, skins, seeds, pulps.
  • Flavouring: giving an extra kick of flavor by adding spices.
  • Storage of leftovers: preserving, dehydrating, freezing.
  • Creative use of leftovers: making brittles, culinary soil, flowers, sauces, powders and much more.
  • Design thinking process.
  • Plating with the ingredients you preserved.

The courses are given to groups of at least 10 people and to companies. However, from time to time, we host some events on a certain topic for very small groups and individuals.
If you are interested in our climate-smart culinary courses, send an email to [email protected]. You will be placed on our waiting list and we will contact you when anything available.